Welcome everyone, please take a seat if you like.


(Wait for silence or politely ask for quite.)

(RJ& Sarah enter room followed by Chris and Pete)


We, who have gathered here today, are now privileged to witness and to participate in a ceremony celebrating, the public acknowledgment of a love, which Peter and Christine have for each other, knowing that by our presence here with them, we are saying that they together, are loved by many others.



We have come to surround them, as they stand before us in this loving home, where now Peter and Christine in essence say,

"Welcome to our marriage! Welcome to the Celebration!"

Now RJ and Sarah will read the vows to Peter and Christine.




Do you Peter, take Chris to be your wife, knowing in your heart that you will be a faithful friend, and a true and loving companion. 

 Do you promise on this special day, in the presence of our relatives and friends as witnesses, to give your sacred vow that as Christine’s husband, you will always be there to support and comfort her during joyful and difficult times.

Do you further promise to love her completely, be truthfully honest with her and to encourage her to achieve her full potential?

Will you always respect her, honor her, and continue to be her best friend.

Finally and most important, will you always be by her, to laugh with her and love her as wildly as you do now, for as long as you both shall live.





Do you Christine take, Peter, to be your Husband and part of our family and to make a home with him?  To live a life with you and be a part of you.

Do you promise to trust him and respect him, never take yourself to seriously, laugh with him and cry with him.

Do you promise to care for and protect him, to comfort and encourage him, to be a constant, true, loving companion through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles you may face together.

And if, you ever doubt, remember this time and why you came together this day.




(Hands the ring to the Bride, who places it on the Groom's finger):

Wear this ring forever, Peter, as a symbol of love and peace and of all that is unending.



(Hands the ring to the Groom, who places it on the Bride’s finger):

Wear this ring forever, Christine, as a symbol of love and peace and of all that is unending.



With the power given to us from the State of Pennsylvania and Thunderbird Lodge, we now pronounce you husband and wife!

You may kiss your bride!